Manchester United Keep Ticket Prices Stable for Another Year

Fans of the Premier League and Manchester United will be happy to know that the club have decided to maintain their season ticket and regular ticket prices for the coming season. For fans who are hoping to attend United games during the 2017/2018 season, they will not have to pay a higher price than they are paying at the present moment. Even though it may not seem as though it is a huge gesture from United, keeping ticket prices frozen is a big deal for fans of such a popular Premier League team. It ensures fans do not have to pay even more than they already do when they want to attend a United game.

Freezing ticket prices achieves many things for United. Not only does it show the club’s commitment towards their loyal supporters, but it also indicates that demand for tickets has not gone down by much at all. If there was a demand issue with respect to United tickets, the club would lower prices. Keeping them at the same value is the club’s way of showing they are not looking to extort fans, even though they probably could! United are so popular that they could double their prices and they would probably still manage to fill Old Trafford without too many issues.

But how can a regular Manchester United fan get to a game? Is it easy to get a ticket? The answer depends on the game you wish to see. If it is a regular home game, such as a contest against Sunderland or West Brom, you should not have too many issues. The games are rarely sold out until a few days before the match. And even if it is sold out, there are plenty of online ticketing websites, such as you can use to find tickets. And the prices are fairly reasonable, especially if you are only going by yourself. But most importantly, you will get your ticket in time and in a safe manner!

The only issue arises when fans want to travel to away games, or catch important contests at home. For instance, a game against Chelsea or Liverpool at home is likely sold out many weeks in advance. There are still tickets on the ticketing sites, but they are a little more expensive than usual. For those who have the means, it is not an issue. But some fans may find it is too expensive, which is why they choose to watch the other games instead. And it is often a similar story when it comes to United’s away games.

In fact, getting a ticket in the away end when Manchester United are traveling is incredibly challenging. The club only sells these tickets through their lottery system, with season ticket holders and loyal away fans being in the pool each time. So if you do not have a season ticket or go to away games regularly, you will have an almost impossible task to get a ticket from the club. Your best bet is to look online for Liverpool fc tickets to those games. But make sure you are checking for tickets in the away section, as you are going to want to get yourself seated among the United fans. The tickets can get a bit pricey, but United’s away fans are the best in the country, and you will have an incredible experience during the game!


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